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Freedom of a person in going and coming, eqality before the courts, security of private property, freedom of opinion and expresion, and freedom of the people. Freedom isn't free - you must be ever vigilant!

What is a Patriot Watchdog?

An individual or group that monitors the activities of another entity (such as an individual or government entity) on behalf of the public to ensure that the entity does not behave illegally or unethically.

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Important Resources For Fellow Patriots

Nicholas Veniamin Ft. Randy Alexander

Discussion around the election fraud and various lawsuits that have been filed to rectify the wrongs in the South Carolina state elections...

Other People & Resources Worth Checking Out:

My personal recommendations for alternative truth movement broadcasters and news outlets.


Become a Patriot Watchdog

Our freedoms are being eroded!

Learn what you can do to fight back against tyranny and out of control governments, be they local, municipal, state or even school boards that have been infiltrated in teaching our children topics that public schools have no right to discuss.

Opportunities like this don't come around often, so you can't let this one pass you by.



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