Podcasts Featuring Randy Alexander & Fellow Patriots

Randy Alexander & Nicholas Veniamin: The Deep State Losing Control & Causing Chaos

02/13/23 - Randy Alexander & Nicholas Veniamin Discuss The Deep State Losing Control & Causing Chaos Across the USA.

Randy Alexander & Tony Haydar: The Middle Easy Deception

01/30/23 - Randy Alexander & Tony Haydar Discuss The Middle East Deception with Nicholas Veniamin

Kickass Boomers: Terry Lohrbeer Interviews Randy Alexander

12/05/22 - What would you do if your Doctor gave you six months to live in your early thirties ?

Randy Alexander on Mel Carmine Show

11/30/22 - Helping To Save Our Health, Wealth & Freedom

Nicholas Veniamin Ft. Heather Holmes & Randy Alexander

11/21/22 - Big Pharma, Censorship and Crimes

Nicholas Veniamin Ft. Randy Alexander & Heather Holmes

08/22/22 - Discussion on 10M frequencies and quantum healing devices...

Randy Alexander Discusses CDC: Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated

08/15/22 - Discussion around CDC restrictions and limitations, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, and the fraud perpetuated by the US government.

Randy Alexander Discusses Lindsey Graham Gun Removal

08/01/22 - Discussion around Randy's background as a healthcare advocate working with the government, plus Lindsay Graham's latest misstep.

Former Nurse Staci Gallman Discusses Q-Core

01/28/22 - Discussion with former nurse, Staci Gallman, around healthiest and most beneficial supplements for you and your family.

Randy & Healther Discuss Misleading CDC Covid Guidelines

01/31/22 - Discussion around CDC, Dr. Fauci, and other goverment guidelines and restrictions being enforced around Covid.



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